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Kristy Berridge:


Growing up in Far North Queensland (otherwise known as Satan's sauna), I adopted a laid-back approach to life and its nuances, much of which can be identified within my charismatic plots and unique style of humour. Not one to beat around the bush (I have a husband for that), you can laugh-out-loud at relatable tales of personal triumph or failure, cheer on lead characters of substantial strength and endearing disregard for authority as well as become fully immersed in the pictorial representation of my stories’ geography.

Writer, sometimes comedian, peanut butter addict, exercise junkie, vegan ... woman.

There are many labels I go by, but not one can ever define me. Like all things in life, sometimes I commit 100% and other times I apply varying percentages to the effort and enthusiasm adopted.

To be a writer you must have passion and I have bucket loads, but I am human and sometimes I'd rather go cow-tipping or rob a seven-eleven than immerse myself in the written word.

The trick is to find balance - Between my love of keeping fit; outrunning my husband to claim the television remote before being subjected to British drama and my clean eating lifestyle; washing the plates before eating off them, eating plants, raising a son and throwing around kettlebells consumes most of my spare time. So when I do sit down to write, I do so with a clear conscience.

Romance, horror and all things decidedly supernatural are my general persuasions these days; not because my life is lacking, but who doesn't love a bit of blood and guts with a side of lip-locking? I've been drawn to both genres--even combining them more often than not. 

The next stage in my journey is as unknown as the next paragraph in my forthcoming novels. It's better to live in the present, celebrate the small victories and of course, apply pen to paper whenever the inspiration may strike--a moto to live by.

... Unless of course you're saving the world in some way ...

And if you are, then shut up about it, you make the rest of us 'regulars' look bad.


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